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The Shareholders' Meeting is CFFEX's organ of power. The Board of Directors owes fiduciary duties to and exercises power conferred by the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Committee to perform daily decision-making, management and execution, and designates the Risk Management Committee and the Trading Committee to carry out tasks following the instructions of the Board. 


Now, the CFFEX has one Board Chairman and three Deputy CEOs.


CFFEX has fourteen departments currently: General Office, Trading Department, Clearing Department, Market Surveillance Department, Legal Department, Information Department, Marketing Department, R&D Department, Accounting Department, Internal Audit Department, Human Resources Department, Administration Department, Investor Education Center and Technology Center.

Board Chairman

Hu Zheng


Jiang Yan, Chen Huaping, Li ZhengQiang, Jiang Feng, Wang Jianjun,Rong Zhiping

Board Committees

Risk Management Committee

Director                   Hu Zheng

Deputy Director       Zhang Xiaogang

Members                 Wang Yong, Wang Xiaoxia, Ma Wensheng, Xing Yi, Wu Hongsong, Wu Chuanyang,

                                Zhang Xiaochen, Zhang Hao, Luo Xufeng, Tu Hong, Xu Weizhong


Trading Committee

Director                   Rong ZhiPing

Deputy Director       Zhang Xiaogang 

Members                 Lu Dayin, Yang Qing, Wu Hong, Wu Zengtao, Zou Yingguang, 

                                Zhang Yiqing, Luo Mansheng, Lu Gonglu, Pan Guangtao

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Ye Chunhe


Xiong Wei, Li Mingzhong, Shi Guangwei

Rong Zhiping  (CEO)

Li Haichao  (EVP)

Chen Shihong  (Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection)

Zhang Xiaogang  (EVP)

Cao Yue  (EVP)

General Office

Mainly in charge of department coordination, Party affairs, discipline inspection and handling complaint letters and visits


Trading Department

Mainly in charge of trading operation, supervision over trading management process, member management and client management


Clearing Department

Mainly in charge of clearing and delivery services, clearing risk management, and management of clearing members


Market Surveillance Department

Mainly in charge of real-time monitoring, market surveillance, and investigation and punishment of violations


Legal Department

Mainly in charge of legal affairs


Information Department

Mainly in charge of information services, website management and information business


Marketing Department

Mainly in charge of market development and cultivation, product and service promotion, and investor training


R&D Department

Mainly in charge of strategy research and planning, scientific research management, management of postdoctoral research station, and foreign exchange and cooperation


Accounting Department

Mainly in charge of financial budget and final accounts, daily financial accounting and taxation, and capital management


Internal Audit Department

Mainly in charge of internal audit


Human Resources Department

Mainly in charge of recruitment, remuneration management, performance evaluation and training


Administration Department

Mainly in charge of administrative services and logistics


Investor Education Center

Mainly in charge of press and publicity, and investor education


Technology Center

Mainly in charge of development, operation, maintenance and upgrade of systems


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