Change of Contact Person

The Exchange implements a member contact person system. Each member shall appoint one business representative to organize and coordinate on behalf of the member all business affairs between the member and the Exchange; and appoint several business liaisons to assist the business representative in the performance of duties under the member’s authorization. Specific duties of the business representative and business liaisons are set forth in the appendices. A member shall submit an application for the change of contact persons through the member service system.

Documents for Download:

1. Duties of the Business Representative

2. Duties of the Business Liaisons

Updating Membership Information

A member shall submit a written report to the Exchange within ten business days upon any of the following occurrences:
(1) change of its legal representative;
(2) any change in its registered capital or equity structure;
(3) any change in its name, domicile, scope of business, or contact details;
(4) any change in the executives of a futures-company member or any change in the relevant managers of a non-futures-company member;
(5) the net capital or any other risk control indicators of a futures-company member fails to meet the standards set by the CSRC;
(6) merger, division and establishment or closure of branches;
(7) involvement in any major litigations or economic disputes;
(8) obtainment of membership of any other exchange;
(9) being subject to any investigation or regulatory measures by competent authorities for a suspected violation or subject to any criminal or administrative penalties or self-regulatory measures;
(10) change of accounting firm;
(11) the lawful cancellation or invalidation of any resolution of the shareholders’ general meeting, the shareholders’ meeting, or the board of directors; or
(12) any other circumstance determined by the Exchange.

Documents for Download:

Appendix 1:List of Materials Required for Change of Member Name

Appendix 2:List of Materials Required for Change of Clearing Relationship

Updating Tax Information
Updating Tax Information of Trading Members
Updating Tax Information of Clearing Members